Goal…excitement began on the Sunday before…Part 4 of The calls of a wandering “moose”

Part 4 of The calls of a wandering “moose” (aka me!), Pre- #wanderingmooose42k

Passion in running begins with goals for me. These were mine for #wanderingmooose42

Below are the goals I had set up for myself, which would definitely be pushing boundaries but not outrageously based on progress in training.
Stay tuned next week for the actual race re-cap!!


Primary goal of best case scenario goal: sub-4 hours

Secondary goal: sub-5 hours

Tertiary goal: sub-6 hours

Quaternary goal (just because this is the cut-off time): sub-7 hours
I am not going to say anything more about these then just to state them. As, I do not want to reflect on them so much I end up changing the through to much analysis, THINKING. And meditation has taught to let go of thinking so, that is what I am doing.
Well, thank you for reading, these were the calls of a Wandering Moose from Aid Stations with Adam.

Part 1: http://bit.ly/part1wanderingmoose42k2016

Part 2: http://bit.ly/Pre-WanderingMoosePart2

Part 3: http://bit.ly/part3wanderingmoose42k2016
Links to the associated lessons learned:

Coming soon!

Always be reaching for your potential!


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