3 emotional aspects I experienced part 2…pre- #wanderingmoose42k

Part 2 of Story of a wandering “moose” (aka me!), Pre- #wanderingmooose42k


Confidence in my ability:  I have lots of confidence in my ability to complete the race, completion is not the issue.  This is not to say I am going to disrespect the distance or race and get all cocky about my abilities as I learned the hard way this year to not do.  The issue is in confidence to finish in sub-4 hours.  Based on not meeting any of the milestones I felt I needed to, in order to be confident to finish in sub-4 hours, I will be going out for my secondary goal in mind, which  is sub-5 hours.  I will get more into my goals later.

What I have come to realize about trail races, which you think you understand until you go out and actually do it, is anything could, and will, happen.  So I am going to out with my three goals (see below) in mind, and push for the best I can do on race day, and see what happens.  Based on where I am at right now I think I could probably hold a consistent 8-9 km/h, which would allow me to finish sub-5!

Excitement: I am always excited about racing.  I so love the atmosphere, the people are always kind, and volunteers are great too.  Plus there is nothing like being able to indulge in all your favourite candies on race day, at least the ones you know are going to work, and not cause me issues.

Also, I am super excited to see people I have not seen for a year, like race director Rene Unser, who like most MUT (mountain, ultra, trail) running race directors is an awesome person!  If you are not familiar with her races, and trail running camps you should definitely look into it http://www.pacetrailseries.com/ or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pacesportsfitness/.  I will most like be doing all three of her races next year, as the key for next year is completing an ultra distance race, and getting this stigma off my back, of not technically being an ultra runner by technical standards of having completed a race of 50k or more.  And if you do plan on attending one, and want to meet up at the race contact me, just so I can confirm that I will be there.  Always, excited to meet new people too, or even more cool for me, to meet people I have known from social media only.  Had this awesome experience earlier this year meeting Garry Robbins, he has an awesome trail series too called Coast Mountain Trail Series or CMTS for short http://www.coastmountaintrailseries.com/, which you can find on facebook too https://www.facebook.com/CoastMountainTrailSeries

Fears:  Ok so here is where I will spill my guts.  Not really any particular fears about the race.  Half of it I have seen before, which is a nice advantage, but the other half, which includes lots more climbing, and a large decent I have not seen.  There is one aspect of the profile that seems to be a vertical drop of 440 feet, which I gotta say definitely sounds scary.  Now maybe the gps cut out when this was being recorded, or maybe you are coming down off a ridge, which got recorded as a large vertical drop.

Other than that, I mean I guess the only other things would be not even meeting my third goal of sub-6, and worse yet not finishing or getting cut-off.


Well, thank you for reading, these were the calls of a Wandering Moose from Aid Stations with Adam, stay tuned for the next part in a couple of days.


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Always be reaching for your potential!


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