Story of a wandering “moose” (aka me!), Pre- #wanderingmooose42k

Part 1:
So the funny thing about being 1 week pre-race day, for a race of great importance ie Goal race (click the link to see a summary of all the races I was doing for test of the year leading up to this race, and how important this race was to me), is everything you would normally overlook, or simply not concern yourself with becomes magnified. Now for some reason, which I cannot pinpoint a specific cause of, my hips have been extraordinarily stiff, and caused my runner’s knee in the right knee to flare up.

So I have lots of stretching and rolling, and a little light strength training, which has helped before in these situation, thank goodness for experience are in the future of this weekend, and then early next week.

Other than that though, I am feeling really strong, and very prepared. How prepared, well sit back and let me tell you about it:

How prepared is the ultra runner moose for #wanderingmoose42k:
Physically, I have taken an anatomical approach to naming these sections, to cover how I feel, and have done my best to be as close as possible.
Musculoskeletal system: So as I said above this part of me is not in the greatest condition, but between light strength training, rolling and stretching, I hope to be capable of riding my body of the stiffness in the TFL (tensor fasciae latae:, based on the extensive research I have done (extensive being a relative term of course, obviously only what was necessary to figure out what was causing my runners knee earlier this year and find a cure), is the culprit of my issues, and thus why my hips feel so tight, as that is the location of the tightness. How dare you TFL!!!

If you deal with IT-band syndrome or runners knee too, here is a video with roller stretches that are easy to do, and extremely effective at relieving that tension, and eliminate it.
Cardiovascular system: ie My endurance, and ability to run for long periods of time at a fast pace. The idea when I started this season was to do this race in sub-4 hours. I missed out on doing this on the roads, as my final race (Victoria Marathon: ) I had major issues with gas, as I had bought oatmeal with fibre (not had before, and did not think much of it), and it had me in and out of every porta potty about every 5 – 10 km. Even still I finished in about 4:15 and was running, when I was running, at about 12 km/hr.

Thus this was intended to not only be my redemption, but also be my first finish near ultra distance. I really wanted to do something that would demonstrate to myself that I would be ready to begin pushing the 50k distance next year, and sub-4 hours, was going to be icing on the cake, as this would be really fast (at least by my standards) for a trail marathon, especially with 5300 feet of climbing.

Now granted my body does feel ready, and capable of doing this, even though I have failed to meet all of my mini goals/milestones I had hoped to reach throughout this season. My last longish tempo run was on the road and ~10k long, and I was running right around 10k (average was about 9.5 km/hour)

Digestive system: aka my nutrition, now this has been a big deal for me in a positive, but really challenging way for me. If you have been following me you will know that I love vega: products. No I have not gone vegan, or even all out vegetarian. I still eat meat at least on Saturday nights after long run number 1. Also, I still eat my fair share of dairy in yoghurt and cheese.

But the challenge here for me was resistance of temptation to indulge. So about two months ago I vowed to stick to a strict plan that would keep me at no more than 2400 kcal per day, which would work great as I was using about 2700-3000 kcal per day, this all during the week. The other key was to make sure it was properly balanced. So I worked out my perfect day by recording on Myfitness Pal: In other words when it would not be possible to do more than say 20k, or a few hours of working out through a combination of running and gym type workouts. I never considered myself the type of person who indulged all that much, that was until I needed to start saying no all the time.
Of course it was not even that I was always saying no to junk food, sometimes it was just that I had no idea how the food I was being offered would affect me. So in turn, it was like do I want to risk it, heck no!!!

Now as you can probably imagine, I am no saint, obviously I cheated, almost always on my own terms, so not from things other people offered me. But what I kept in mind, was that as long as more than 75% of the week, so maybe a couple of meals here or there, I stayed on track I would be okay.

Immune system: So as per usual this has been up and down this season. But I was reading an article on protein deficiency earlier this season, and all the symptoms I had generally (ie not from being sick, but symptoms of protein deficiency) matched with things I experienced. So I thought to myself, it cannot hurt, just try increasing your protein intake. Now I must admit that my ability to stay healthy, and not get sick has been more effective. But this still needs more testing.

The thing about eating more protein is from a financial perspective it is definitely more expensive, at least from the perspective of going out and buying groceries, and having a very tight budget.

Well, thank you for reading, these were the calls of a Wandering Moose from Aid Stations with Adam, stay tuned for the next part next.

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Links to the associated lessons learned: coming soon

Always be reaching for your potential!



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