Goals for the remainder of 2016

Hi folks,

well this post will set the stage for the rest of the year of 2016 in running.

First off the above picture is my first use of the online application called Pablo, from the social media posting application called Buffer, which in case you were interested is also free for up to 4 social media profiles, pages, communities, or groups, with up to 10 scheduled posts per profile, but you can only have 1 profile per social media site for the free version.    Anyway, Pablo allows you to build images that are fully customizable, and can be tailored to any of the major social media websites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).  It is completely free to use, and then you can share directly to the social media websites, download the image, or distribute with your Buffer account.  Just as an aside I do not get compensated for saying any of this, just love the applications.

First off I gotta say, that in the spirit of what Aid Stations with Adam is all about, talking about goals has got to be like the back bone of why I created this, and the sister blog Aid Stations with Adam Inner Game (this is where I dive into all that I learned based on the experiences described on this blog).  On the sister site, in another week or two, I will dive into the importance of goals, and how big they need to be, as well as many other related topics from many years of experience using them to accomplish just about everything in my life.

First off I will say that I will not likely see the word ‘ultra’ associated with any race name I do for the rest of the year, unless things change, and I find one to do in December, but not necessarily going to be feasible anyway (as my body will not be able to handle it).

What does this mean, well it means my dream of being able to call myself an ultra marathon runner, in the most strict sense of the phrase (having completed a race that is more than 42 Km), will not be possible this year, and need to be pushed to next year.

Yes this is most certainly disappointing, but not the end of the World.  One day I will finish an ultra marathon, and it will be a glorious moment in my life.

Just as an aside currently, my friend Katherine is running her first 100 miler right now, which is the Sulphur Springs in Ontario, Canada.  Very exciting to keep up to date with the play-by-play from her crew on Twitter.  I am always oh so proud to watch my friends succeed!


  1.  Race a sub-5 hour trail marathon.
  2. Race a sub-2:30 trail 25 km race.
  3. Lose 10 lbs, or at least get a lot leaner (all measurements reduced by 10%), such that I look and feel like I lost 10 lbs even if offset by muscle gain equivalent or greater than 10 lbs.
  4. Reduce body fat by 5%.
  5. Get my first sponsor.
  6. Meet another one of my ultra/trail friends from social media in person.

All of these goals are certainly extreme, no doubt about it.  The secondary, and always an important goal for any trail race, ultra or not, is to finish the race regardless of time.

Goals 1-2 have the best trail races of my life:  Although, the race goals are extreme, I do not care.  I am in need of pushing myself to the maximum limit for the rest of the year, and re-connect with the super speedy guy who PR’d the BMO Vancouver half marathon (roads, yuk now, but back then I thought it was fun), in 1:57:48.  I need to have a physical experiential reminder of just how awesome, and fast, I really can be.  The dnf at Badger was a major blow to my ego, and although the major ego scarring has disappeared, I feel the need to find a way to say, hey Adam look what awesomeness you just accomplished in running.  And this will come whether I meet the time race goals, or not, as dnf at these two races is highly unlikely, just finishing, and being at the best I can be on race day will be a huge accomplishment, as is always the case.

Do you set time goals for each race you run?

Goals 2 and 3 get into the best shape of my life:  I know that with hard work I can be in even better shape than I was for Badger.  In fact, just from doing training for recovery from Badger, I already feel stronger than I did on race day for Badger.  This in itself has been a huge confidence boost, and last Saturdays trail run (1st run since Badger), was phenomenal, words cannot describe what it was like.  It was a rekindled friendship for sure!

What is the experience like for you coming back to running after being away for a while?

Goal 5 break the traditional system for athlete sponsorship:  I feel that it is about time I began pursuing just the smallest bit of sponsorship, and build from there, as it is going to be a long road to get anything significant.  I believe I have a great story to tell, and that having me behind another company as at very least an ambassador, would be a small and important step in the correct direction.   What direction you ask, well to get a big name company like HokaOneOne, maker of my favourite brand of shoes, to do something many companies shy away from, which is connecting with the middle, and back of the pack, runners, by sponsoring them to same level as the elites.  Obviously, I will need to be aggressive and persistent as heck, as you can probably imagine, at least based on what I said, to sponsor me would be contrarian to the current dogma for sponsorships, and changing this is going to be difficult to say the least.

Have you ever been so persistent at a goal, no matter how long it took, or how unbelievably difficult it would be, you managed to succeed?  I would like to hear about your experiences, whether you actually accomplished the goal or not, as I am a firm believer that the journey, and what you learn from it, is more valuable than success.  Personally, I have done this many times in my life, but never rubbed it in the person(s) face who told me it was not possible.

Goal 6 connect in person with a friend: Since becoming active within the social media based community for MUT (Mountain, Ultra, and Trail) runners, the one thing that has always been lacking, is actually making a connection in person.  Being the type of person who loves to connect with people to talk trails and races, to meet one of the friends I have made online would be indescribable, most awesome experience ever!  I believe for the most part, because there is an element of connection that cannot be achieved even by the most amazing technological advances 50 years in the future.  I have one potential meeting already, as Heather plans to do one of the big road runs here in the BC area.  Hoping for at least 2 in person encounters before the end of the year.  Of course these people live all over the World, so making plans to meet at a race would be great, but easier said than done.

 Have you ever had the experience of meeting a long-time friend in person for the first time?

Well, this is my update on my goals for the remainder of 2016.  I am über excited, and I hope that you are excited with your own running goals, and goals for other parts of your life too.  I would love to hear about them, race based, or maybe your goals for running are more indirectly related to running.  For example I have taken up meditation, and hope to build my ability to be more present when running because of my work on meditation, and yoga for that matter.

Whatever your goals, I am always keen to learn from other people, and connect, especially with other runners.  We can all learn from each other!  And If you do not currently have any goals for this year, I challenge you to make at least one and go for it like your life depends on it!

Now, go start a new adventure!!!





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